The next generation career platform dedicated to the global impact sectors
We accelerate impact
through career innovation
Devcurate was born out of the conviction that people and organizations making a difference in this world deserve better.
With the heart of an innovator, our mission is to accelerate social impact through career innovations for impact-driven people and organizations. We are among the first in the world to develop the AI algorithms specific for curating career opportunities within the social impact sector. With the leading-edge matching solutions and our network of over 800 organizations in 188 countries worldwide, Devcurate is now ready to make it more powerful than ever for talents to discover the right career opportunities, while helping organizations to spot the right talent faster in the process.
AI that is driven by experience and purpose
With decades of experience in the global development sector (including United Nations and various NGOs), our technologies are not only innovative but also speak the language of the sector, as they have been developed by our dedicated founding team who truly understands the unique needs of our fellow members of the impact sector.
Impact-driven innovator and ecosystem leader
Devcurate is not just an intelligent career platform, but also an impact-driven community. Within our networked ecosystem run by passionate individuals who have been part of the sector, professionals can tap into career and skills development programs to help realize their full career potentials. In parallel, we run a range of social impact programs as part of our contribution to the global development agenda.
Our Values
We believe in the power of tech (AI) and human ingenuity (HI) in positively affecting social change and accelerating impact.
Core to Devcurate’s operation is the overall impact we contribute to the wider society. We are impact-conscious, impact-driven and impact-focused.
We take a people-first approach in different aspects of our work. These include our team, our partners and those we serve, as well as everyone involved in our impact supply chain.
Through our conscious innovation we take pride in opportunities we create for diverse groups of people including the underprivileged to realize their full potential.
We embrace challenges and we adhere to the highest standards in building and delivering our innovative promises to the global impact sectors.
Founder’s Message

Striving for a systemic change with people and impact

We spend roughly 80,000 hours of our lifetime working, and everyone has the power to make a positive impact on the environment and the lives of those around them through their career.

Yet landing the right job has become an increasingly challenging endeavour in today’s changing world of work. The labour market is substantially affected by skills mismatch; a global crisis that is putting people away from where their talents are really needed. On the flip side, organizations are suffering from the lack of productivity due to the increased difficulty in identifying talent with the right skill sets and motivations for the job.

This is particularly true for the social impact sector which has seen massive growth since the 2008 GFC. For us, when it comes to impact making, it is not only about the improved performance in labour productivity and competitiveness. But it is also how we make sure that individuals get to tap into the right opportunities and their full potential in order to maximize the impact they want to make in this world.

- Aanas Ali