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Welcome to Devcurate, the impact sector’s leading platform where the right talents can be discovered faster and easier than ever.
We are among the first in the world with our TalentCurator™, the AI algorithms dedicated to analyzing and matching quality social impact candidates with your talent needs. In addition, because hiring the talents with culture fit is highly important, we have also developed our latest video screening technology that enables you to spot talents with the right personalities and culture fit early on in the hiring process. With us, hiring talents with the right skill sets, background and culture fit is made hassle-free. Contact us today!
Your Recruitment Reimagined
Improve your hiring efficiency with our sourcing and screening AI-powered innovation.
Saves time with the right candidates
Our leading-edge technology, designed with the sector-specific knowledge base, screens every qualified talent and identifies top candidates within days. No more sifting through applications (with typically up to 85% unqualified candidates). Our advanced analytics puts an end to the time-consuming hiring process and lets you focus on what matters the most - the right candidates for the job!
Understand the right fit beyond resumes
Knowing your candidates – with the right skillset and mindset – even before meeting them. Our on-demand video interviewing tool eliminates false applications and further screens top talents based on individual aptitude and suitability. This combined methodology generates invaluable insights and brings soft skills and personalities to light. This also helps eliminate common human errors and cognitive biases.
Enhance branding and tap into a dedicated talent pool
With a dedicated hiring interface, you are strategically connected to unique and targeted leads from our growing and sector-dedicated talent pool. Your brand exposure is optimized through our inbuilt curation infrastructure as well as talent ecosystem.
Intelligent technology screens and matches talent to a job opening
Human intelligence further analyzes talents suitability
Most qualified talents are curated to organisation
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